A lucky customer gets his prize from a Naim representative (left).
A lucky customer gets his prize from a Naim representative (left).

KUCHING: Launched in November 2017 as a gesture of appreciation for the communities’ support towards Naim’s developments, the Naim Group of Companies’ exciting “Rewards Campaign” is quickly coming to an end.

Under this campaign, the Group’s customers who purchased its properties here in Bintulu and Miri have the opportunity to win up to RM500,000 worth of prizes through its monthly lucky draws in all three places.

These prizes range from electronic gadgets and cash to branded luxury items, with the grand prize being a property.

To date, Naim has given away a total of more than RM200,000 worth of prizes to its lucky winners, the most recent ones being a Maurice Lacroix watch, a Coach bag and passport holder and 13g gold bars for the winners for the draws from September till November last year.

Evelyn Sii, one of the recent lucky winners of the monthly draw, was very happy with the Coach bag and passport holder that she has won.

“I think this is my lucky Naim house. I didn’t think it would be likely for me to win again until I received a call from Naim. This time, I was told that I’ve won myself a Coach bag,” said Evelyn who is from Kuching.

Sii also said that she’s looking forward to the final draw for the month of December 2018and the grand draw, and hopes that luck is on her side again.

“The grand prize is a property so I’m definitely very excited about it. Who knows I might win again,” she remarked.

Erenzo Salleh from Miri, another lucky winner who walked away with RM88,888 previously which was one of the main prizes under the campaign, was thankful for the amazing experience.

Meanwhile, Naim’s general manager for sales and marketing Caroline Yeo said it has been an exciting journey for all involved.

“When we say we reward our customers, we mean it. The highlight is undoubtedly the upcoming grand prize draw, so do stay tuned for that.”