An artist’s impression of the soon-to-be constructed St Peter’s Parish Church

KUCHING: It is heartening to observe the many positive comments by netizens regarding a proposed St Peter’s Parish Church in Padungan.

They show that Sarawakians are generally supportive of the project despite differences in their faiths and beliefs.

Recently, it was announced that the church would be built and it would be one of the city’s prominent landmarks.

Top view of the proposed church.

The church would have Gothic architecture with stained glass windows and can house at least 1,500 worshippers at any one time.

Other than the church proper there will be a multipurpose hall, a two-storey office, an eight-storey hostel, a first-ever two-storey columbarium, a car park for 300 vehicles and a plaza.

The estimated cost is RM38 million and as of February 2, the total amount raised was RM18.67 million.

The interior design of the new church.

“Congratulations to our fellow Christians. I hope that when the church has been built, we can further establish good relationships among our multi-ethnic and multi-religious people,” commented a Facebooker, Zafie Ariel.

Another Muslim, Muhammad Sallehhin Dahlan , wrote, “Congratulations to our fellow Christians. May we always be brothers/sisters despite our different religions. Pinch the right thigh, the left thigh still feels. Let’s take good care of our relationships. Our late (chief minister) Tok Nan advised use to take good care of Sarawak.”

Another netizen, Affendi Haji Bujang, commented, “I’m so proud to see this beautiful new church even though I’m a Muslim. I hope to see many more beautiful and majestic churches being built in all major towns in the state. It is a sign of freedom of religion and goodwill among Sarawakians. All religions are good, therefore let us rejoice over the construction of this cathedral. Congratulations to all Christians in Sarawak.”

Aaron Chieng, who is a Christian, recalled that he did not know how to converse in “Bahasa Sarawak” before but has been able to overcome that lacking having mixed with people who speak the language. He wished all Muslims a Happy Ramadan in advance as Bulan Ramadan is only in a few months away.

St Peter’s Parish Church Columbarium.

Comments like the above are common among netizens. They indicate how united and supportive the communities in the state are towards one another despite having different faiths and beliefs.

Regarding the Padungan church, anyone who is interested to donate towards its construction can find more information at