New association established by group of professionals

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KUCHING: A new association, Pertubuhan Usahawan Bumiputera Perwira Malaysia Sarawak (Perwira Sarawak), was established by a group of professionals on Monday (May 3).

The association aims to strengthen the network of Bumiputera entrepreneurs and provide economic opportunities for emerging players, start-ups, creative SMEs, and B40 groups.

“We are complementing efforts by existing associations and the government,” explained chairman Dr Jati Kasuma Ali.

“Our focus is the niche segments, little pockets of economic group that may be limited in resources or training, to participate in high investment activities.”

He added that Perwira Sarawak was open to partnerships with other like-minded organisations, and he looked forward to dialogues or talks on how to best advance the Bumiputera agenda in Sarawak or work together, especially in assisting B40 groups.

“We are here to lend support and assist Bumiputera entrepreneurs, by offering trainings, seminars or courses to enhance the current status of local entrepreneurs, be they micro, SMEs, plantation or livestock and husbandry entrepreneurs, including G1 contractors.”

Perwira Sarawak is calling interested individuals or entrepreneurs to sign up. For registration or enquiries, contact Noryn at 019-2602283.