No police permit needed for essential services’ workers

Aidi Ismail

KUCHING: Only workers in the essential services sector during the movement control order (MCO), are exempted from needing police permit to travel between districts for work.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Aidi Ismail who confirmed this, said this exemption is for them to commute from their home to workplace and ease the traffic flow.

“Despite not needing police permits, they still need to have confirmation letters from their respective employers that they are required to work during this MCO.

“The letter must state the name of the worker, the date and time he or she needs to work and the address of the workplace,” he explained.

Those who are working by themselves without an employer must acquire police permit to travel between districts. The same goes for those who have other purposes (ie. emergencies and others) to travel.

Aidi also stressed that a confirmation letter from the employer, does not mean that it is a ticket for any individual to return to his or her hometown.

“Should they be found using the letter for other purposes, the individual may be compounded and ordered to turn back,” he said.