Political appointments must be on merit

David Yeo

KUCHING: The right to be appointed to political positions is not inherited, instead it should be given based on merit, said Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) acting youth chairman David Yeo.

“The appointment of community leaders in Sibu in particular is not the exclusive right of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP). Simply using the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) name for SUPP’s benefit is only going to erode the GPS’s good name bit by bit,” he warned.

Yeo said SUPP should not question PDP for proposing to allow half of the community leaders to be appointed by the party by alluding to history.

“Times are changing. If we do not buck up our service quality to meet the people’s standards, it will be impossible for us to remain in government.

“The PDP has never denied the SUPP’s service record, but to keep riding on past glories is being complacent. The contributions of the veterans do not show the efforts of the younger generation,” he said in a statement on Sunday (June 6).

The PDP acting youth chairman said SUPP should not accuse PDP as irritant and undermining the spirit of comradeship within the GPS. He added, such accusations would only be made by political deadwoods who were afraid of being replaced.

Yeo said the situation today required modern and updated attitudes to solve issues instead of holding on to old positions and using them for publicity while performing the least amount of service.

“The SUPP must take a hard look at people’s evaluation of them. To continue supporting SUPP while foregoing the people’s interests is most regretful.

“In the end, the people’s votes will do the talking.

“Are they willing to lose everything before finally willing to give up?” he asked.