Repair roads cut off by landslides, Mambong rep urges JKR

DR Jerip (left) explaining about the house repair works to house owner Nona (centre) while Kampung Gerung Village Head KK Mapu Raki looks on.

KUCHING: Datuk Dr Jerip Susil has called on relevant agencies and the Public Works Department (JKR) to repair roads cut off by landslides in his constituency.

The Mambong assemblyman said 37 houses and three road shoulders were affected by the natural disaster.

“The Mambong constituency is a hilly area and each year, there’s bound to be landslides due to heavy rain.

“Thirty-seven houses were hit by landslides in addition to the road leading to Kampung Sadir and the road to Kampung Kiding and Kampung Sapit,” he told reporters during a visit to inspect repair works done on Nona Budis’ house at Kampung Garung here on Tuesday (Jan 19).

Nona’s house was hit hard by a landslide last Tuesday (Jan 12).

Dr Jerip said the landslide damaged the road shoulder and cut off access to the villages.

“This will take time and we hope the villagers involved will be patient because we know that JKR will have to assess the situation and determine the cost of repairs,” he said, adding that there were no casualties from the landslides.

On another note, he commended the spirit of ‘gotong-royong’ (work party) shown by the villagers in helping repair Nona’s house.

“Nona’s husband passed away recently. The villagers had collected money to conduct a ‘gotong-royong’.”

Dr Jerip also hoped that the repairs could be completed within two weeks, with cost estimated at between RM30,000 and RM40,000.

“This project is paid with funds collected among the villagers as well as funds from my office. Since it is not enough, we are also asking for funding from non-governmental organisations who are looking to help as part of their corporate social responsibility.”