Upgrade for hawker centre toilets

Wee on the project site with fellow MBKS staff members.

KUCHING: The toilet facilities that are over 30 years old at Bintawa Hawker Centre here are finally getting an upgrade.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng said the reason for the upgrade is to provide better facilities for public use.

“We received a lot of complaints on the toilets and I do not want to blame anybody, but we don’t know why the water is flowing in instead of flowing out.

“I saw some of the people here bringing brooms to sweep out the water overflow from the toilet and most of them have to rush out of the toilet once they use it to avoid getting caught in the water that is overflowing,” he said during his site visit today.

He also added that, the upgrading project was awarded by the MBKS through open tender due to the situation of the toilet facilities being in dire need of improvement.

The project started on Saturday (Aug 22), and it is expected to be completed within 12 weeks.

“The toilet concept will be made from shipping containers because we are trying to use materials that could be recycled and some items are being reused in the new toilet.

“The toilets will cater for both male and female users and now we also provide for people with disabilities (OKU).

“There are also temporary toilets being provided for the people so that when the project starts, people can utilise the temporary toilets,” he explained.

The total cost of the toilet facilities upgrading project is RM187,000.