Woman allegedly scammed by cousin

SIBU: A woman lodged a police report against her cousin who allegedly scammed her on a second-hand car deal.

The 29-year-old victim claimed that in February last year, she wanted to buy a second-hand car worth over RM20,000 from her 34-year-old cousin.

According to the complainant, her cousin recommended a grey car, which she (complainant) later agreed to buy and paid RM2,700 as a deposit.

The complainant claimed that her cousin promised to process the sale and purchase but often gave excuses due to the movement control order (MCO) every time she asked for updates.

Unable to tolerate her cousin’s excuses, the complainant finally decided to go to the car dealership at Jalan Salim on Thursday (Oct 21), where her cousin claimed to work.

However, upon arriving, the owner of the premises told her that her cousin was not an employee but only a broker.

The complainant later showed the owner a photo of the car which was promised by her cousin; only to find out that there was no such car sold at the dealership.

She tried to contact her cousin again but failed, so she finally went to Sibu Central police station to lodge a report.