Looking forward to the next chapter in their lives

KUCHING: Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) 2020 candidates are relieved   they can now move on and further their studies after receiving their results yesterday (Thursday).

The STPM 2020 examination was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, a total of 5,454 candidates or 98.23 percent in the state successfully obtained their certificates.


Audriena Ida Paul Nyering, 20, who achieved a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.00, was thankful for her outstanding result.

She was also glad she could continue her studies in university.

“I am very proud of myself for getting four flat because it was not an easy journey. I enjoyed my experience as a Form Six student because I made many amazing friends and had excellent teachers,” she said.

Audriena urged students to go to Form Six because it was only for  one year and half years.

“Form Six is definitely the best choice even though it is not easy,” she said.


Meanwhile, Awang Muhammad Iman Darwish Madhi, 20, who also obtained CGPA of 4.00, was thrilled all his hard work paid off.

He said that he was currently waiting for admission to university. He wants to become a successful lawyer in the future.

“Despite the pandemic, I still managed to achieve an excellent result with the help of my teachers, friends and family. Although it did take a toll on me mentally, I am glad I managed to pull through and see my hard work pay off,” he said.

Muhammad shared that his Form Six experience was by far the most memorable, adding he was thankful for the people around him.

“Throughout my academic journey, I have never met such a supportive and encouraging bunch of people. Although it was difficult for everyone during this pandemic, we supported and encouraged each other to do our best.

“As for the teachers, they never stop believing in me and the other students. I honestly encourage students to go to Form Six because it is only for three semesters,” he added.


Dennis Ng Cheong Hung, 20, said he was surprised to get a CGPA of 4.00 as he never managed to score so well during school examinations.

He plans to further his studies either in the field of education or the biomedical field. 

“Before the STPM examination, my classmates and I always helped each other to overcome the problems we faced. Our teachers also supported us.

“I think it is very important not to be shy when there’s something we do not know. There is nothing wrong in asking for help from our friends, teachers or even family members,” he said.


Mohamed Hyypia Rosmaini, 20, said he would miss his Form Six days. He also pointed out that his result turned out to be better than he expected.  

“I managed to get CGPA of 3.50, but I am grateful for it. I would like to thank my teachers for all they’ve done as well as the guidance given.

“I am planning to pursue my studies in either Law or International Relations. I am so excited, waiting for the next chapter in my life to begin,” he said, adding that Form Six was challenging.


Trinity Bungan Tajang, 20, who managed to score CGPA of 3.00, said she was eager to work and gain some experience before entering university.

She said she appreciated how the various subjects in Form Six had improved her critical thinking skills and ability to apply her knowledge in real life situations.

“I am proud of myself for doing pretty well even though we are in a pandemic and we did online classes most of the time. Subjects like General Studies (Pengajian Am), Business Studies (Pengajian Perniagaan), History and Literature in English have helped me to become a more knowledgeable person.

“I would like to advise those who are considering Form Six to do research on the subjects that they want to study beforehand. Form Six is not for the faint-hearted, especially with the ongoing pandemic,” she said.