Public indecisive on inter-district relaxation

File photo; The enforcement and monitoring of inter-zone travel travel roadblock between zones

KUCHING: Members of the public are indecisive whether inter-district travel should be relaxed or otherwise.

Some agreed with the relaxation while others opined that it will contribute to the number of cases,.

As said by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on Sept 15, individuals entering the state who are fully vaccinated will be exempted from undergoing the compulsory quarantine effective Sept 16.

The New Sarawak Tribune recently asked the thoughts and opinions of the public on the subject matter.

Lydia Ling Yong Qi

Lydia Ling Yong Qi, 23

Fresh graduate

Travel flexibility should be restricted within the district. Covid-19 vaccines are not 100 percent effective to protect us from getting the disease. We still have a chance of being infected. Some people tend to ignore the disease and they feel that they are safe after receiving two doses of the vaccine. We should take precautions to protect ourselves.

Siti Elmira Jonteng

Siti Elmira Jonteng, 23

Fresh graduate & hijab entrepreneur

Based on the endemic phase in our country, travel flexibility in the district should also be relaxed so that it is easier for families living in different districts to meet, as well as for those who have to travel for business purposes. In addition, cross-district permits also do not need to be issued due to travel flexibility in this district.

Mohammad Aznil Sehamat

Mohammad Aznil Sehamat

Engineering student

Looking at the current vaccination rate in Sarawak which can be said to have reached the level of group immunity, the state government should reduce travel restrictions between districts. Covid-19 has been in our community and can be said to be at the endemic stage. The symptoms experienced are also not as severe as before vaccination. This can be seen in the case rate of each category issued by SDMC. However, precautionary measures still need to be implemented.

Rohayatushima Jamain

Rohayatushima Jamain, 24

Business owner

I do not think that inter-district travel should be relaxed because there are those who would take advantage of it and contribute to the number of cases.

Ashwinia Mohan

Ashwinia Mohan, 22


I think travel flexibility within the district should also be relaxed because it is time for the people to take care of themselves. We have been following the SOPs. We must get used to this pandemic that will soon be transitioned into the endemic stage.